About Us

Best Chinese Language School in the UK

I founded the first Orpington Chinese Language School in London on September 6, 2014, with support from the Chinese and British governments. Today, with six branches established across the UK, I have provided quality Chinese education to over a thousand students, catering to both British Chinese children and other enthusiasts of the language. My message to all Mandarin Chinese learners is “Empower Your Future with Mandarin Excellence!”

Who are we?

As the distinguished “Best Chinese Language School in the UK” for five consecutive years, the Orpington Chinese Language School exemplifies excellence in education. Our expansion to five branch schools has fuelled a remarkable growth in student numbers, now exceeding 2000 from an initial 35. Our dedicated team of teachers and assistants, extensively trained and DBS-checked, ensures top-quality learning experiences. Embracing cultural awareness, we infuse classrooms with vibrant celebrations of Chinese festivals, arts and crafts, authentic cuisine, and the iconic Spring Festival Gala. Tailoring classes to individual needs and backgrounds, we blend engaging teaching methods from Eastern and Western traditions to cultivate a joyful and enriching learning environment for all students.

What do we offer?

we offer a diverse array of classes tailored for students aged 3.5 to 16, catering to beginners up to GCSE level on weekends. In addition to our sought-after Chinese holiday camps, we provide after-school clubs, Chinese culture workshops in mainstream schools, and curriculum-based Chinese language instruction. As a designated YCT testing centre, we ensure that students receive a well-rounded and in-depth education in Chinese language and culture, reflecting our commitment to excellence in teaching and learning

Our Staff

Explore the vibrant community of our Chinese Language School staff on our website, where you’ll meet dedicated educators committed to fostering a dynamic learning environment for students.

Zhizhi Chen

Founder of Orpington Chinese Language School 

Jing You

Headteacher of Orpington Chinese Language School Wimbledon/Kingston Branch

Xinmei Li

Headteacher of Orpington Chinese Language School Chelsea Branch